Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nile Wild Mint Shisha

Alright, so I open the box expecting to find some nasty looking red shisha,
 like most of the Fantasia brand that I'd tried up to that point.  Nope.  It's
green.  Already a big ol' plus.  The scent is absolutely magnificent.  So
we're getting the coal on and we try to take a hit.  It's DELICIOUS, but at
the same time, very cold.  I thought at first it was burning my throat.  It was
nice, though.  It's kinda hard to get the coal going with as cold as it is, also
preventing large hits and clouds.  The flavor is very recommendable to those
who enjoy mint.  Overall, this is a very good one to get.  It's my personal
favorite.  So if you've not tried it, give it a shot.


  1. damnnnn dont have a hookah yet but was planning on getting one this sounds dope, def gonna try it

  2. haha will have to give this a chance. Dont normally smoke but i do like mint a lot

  3. Interesting, should give it a try


  4. shisha is tobacco smoking through a hookah. a good social activity with college age kids, usually $8 at a hookah bar. Y'know, if you wanted to try.

  5. Never tried it, but I might have to

  6. just what i needed, a decently written smokeables blog. definitely followed.

  7. Long time since I smoked shisha, this made me kinda nostalgic

  8. This hookah thing I have heard about it quite a bit and I have several hookah lounges around my area but I have never tried it. You make it sound interesting.